Poem: Illusory Twine

Illusory Twine Imagined pain’s still painfulin this wonky brain of mine.Sure, stubbing a toe hurtsbut what about the beliefyou’ve done lasting damageto a 30 year relationshipby saying NO.My mind wraps itself tightaround that axle of thoughtuntil everything stops moving.Some days I have to stub my toejust to break its holdlike some illusory twinestuck in a… Continue reading Poem: Illusory Twine

Poem: A New Season

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A New Season The country didn’t change,nor did its people,when we switchedto a better channelin the White House,though it seems some expected it to. The plot is the same,though the characters changedand we hopethe supporting castcomes through in the endto give usfresh faces and new linesfor memes, late night hosts, and talking heads. We all… Continue reading Poem: A New Season

Poem: Ebb and Flow

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Ebb and Flow Keep to the edges.Avoid the middle.Words to live byuntil the world pushesand calls me out.Fighting, kicking,screaming inside,they’ll never know.Beaten,I smile a smilethat doesn’t reach my eyes,always wonderingif anybody seesthe truthas I swimthrough the crowdto the safetyof a window,looking out,longing for the freedomI never feltbut missall the same. BTF 20-JAN-2021

Poem: A Loose Shadow

A Loose Shadow Take a deep breathto draw in your shadowtil it touchesthe bottoms of your feet.There it will stayuntil you cut it loose againto wander. That second star to the rightcasts little enough light to find your way to morning, yet somehowall the shadows feel like homein the dark. It’s so easy to fadeand… Continue reading Poem: A Loose Shadow

Poem: Another Step

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Another Step Torn apart once again,I collect the piecesand count the missing,losing more each time,wondering when enough is gonewill the world take notice.Back together,I can feel the holesas wind blows throughand tickles what’s left.Never whole, always lookingfor the parts left behind–the memories, people, and thingsto remind me where I started–as I take another stepto start… Continue reading Poem: Another Step

Poem: Ghost

Ghost I have becomean afterthoughtin my own life. Called if needed.Summoned like a daemonto assist their needs. Dismissed as quicklyas the wind. Put back on a dusty shelf,to watch and listenfor another chanceto feel alive. Wondering onlyif I did enough,I drift back to a ready stateand wait for the next call. Thinking that a life… Continue reading Poem: Ghost

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Leave Me Behind

Leave Me Behind I am always here,cheering you onthrough it all,good and bad. Never second guesshow much I love you,or wonder if Istill walk behind you. Be stronger than Orpheus.Resist the urge to look backas you press on. Fly far and fast.Sing free and strong.But leave me behindand know I’ll always be there for you.… Continue reading Leave Me Behind

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Poem: Status Quo

Status Quo Broken,the door slamsback and forth with the wind.We’d grown used to the noise.Tuned it out.Refused to see, hear, or acceptits brokenness.Then, a stranger points it out.Can’t you hear that?Doesn’t it bother you?Hear what? we ask,returning to our phones.Status quo. BTF 11-MAY-2020

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