Made of memory,we are but momentswired togetherinto patternsthat make us who we are. Every song we sing,word we write,thing we make,and tale we tellleaves a mark. Those marks are usin that instant,captured for eternityas part of the checkered wholeeverybody sees. Perhapswe should focus moreon leaving markson the worldbefore we go. BTF 1-17-2020

Poem: The Mirror

The Mirror Afraid, I wandermany empty roadsfull of peoplefulfilling lofty goalsand wonderingif my little dreamsstood up. I used to sing.I used to dance.I used to draw.I used to tell stories.But now I stopfor fearthey aren’t good enoughfor the oneswho stop to care. To hell with them all.Create. Create. Create.And let the world seewhat I can… Continue reading Poem: The Mirror

Poem: Seeking Solace

Seeking SolaceWorld weary andsoul tired,ground downby the daily grind,I wonder whereto recharge my batteriesso my heartmight sing again.Gone down the tubesand down the drain,trying to find bottomonly to sink in the muck,I seek a quiet placeto find my centerand reconnect with a world gone mad.Instead I am downtrodden, beaten senselessand feel like I beenhit by… Continue reading Poem: Seeking Solace

Poem: Light the Path

Light the PathThe stars above lay clear for miles and mileshinting at a cloudless sunny morning to come.Left pondering these twinkles from long agounobstructed for a momentary glimpsethrough billions of years of history.Ironic that we can see those burning dotsand yet our path through tomorrowis impossible to pick outthrough the debris of recent yesterdays.BTF 31-MAR-2019