Lessons of 2020: Good Boy Syndrome

Hindsight is 2020, right? Well, even though it’s almost in the rear view mirror, I’m left facing some hard truths. Thanks to a Brene Brown podcast, I stumbled upon something I didn’t have a name for… the so-called “Good Boy” or “Good Girl” syndrome. Apparently this was driven into me at an early age but… Continue reading Lessons of 2020: Good Boy Syndrome

Parental Struggles: Violence in Sport

Ok, it’s time to come clean. I’m struggling with something I have to admit I’ve never really had to deal with until now but is something I’ve wondered about with other parents. You know those folks who don’t want their kids playing sports because they might get hurt? I get it now. This Labor Day… Continue reading Parental Struggles: Violence in Sport

Stop means stop

There are only a few things these days that really get my blood boiling. I’ve mellowed with age. And though I still have some pet peeves, I try not to let them out into the world much. Most of them are idiot things that are more about how I’m reacting (poorly) to something someone else… Continue reading Stop means stop