Poem: A New Season

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

A New Season

The country didn’t change,
nor did its people,
when we switched
to a better channel
in the White House,
though it seems some expected it to.

The plot is the same,
though the characters changed
and we hope
the supporting cast
comes through in the end
to give us
fresh faces and new lines
for memes, late night hosts, and talking heads.

We all know
the pilot episode
of any new series
is always a bit shaky,
but after the last four seasons
we can give them some time
to smooth the edges
before we decide
to tune it out.

A little hope is all I ask
before we claim it’s not enough.
Four years of division
can’t be solved in a day
of songs and speeches.
One year of death and sickness
can’t be cured in a day
of vaccine promises.

It’s a new season
in the west wing
with a colorful cast,
new writers,
and a few new family pets.
Let’s watch
at least a couple episodes
before we turn it off.

BTF 21-JAN-2021

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