Poem: Illusory Twine

Illusory Twine Imagined pain’s still painfulin this wonky brain of mine.Sure, stubbing a toe hurtsbut what about the beliefyou’ve done lasting damageto a 30 year relationshipby saying NO.My mind wraps itself tightaround that axle of thoughtuntil everything stops moving.Some days I have to stub my toejust to break its holdlike some illusory twinestuck in a… Continue reading Poem: Illusory Twine

Poem: A New Season

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

A New Season The country didn’t change,nor did its people,when we switchedto a better channelin the White House,though it seems some expected it to. The plot is the same,though the characters changedand we hopethe supporting castcomes through in the endto give usfresh faces and new linesfor memes, late night hosts, and talking heads. We all… Continue reading Poem: A New Season