Once upon a time, I had my old blog – the Lair of the Green Knight – to serve as a home for the odds-n-ends I needed to get out of my head. It was a bit of a clearing house for reviews, poetry, and editorial content. And, as old websites must, it faded into the background. And when I went to resurrect it, it decided to stay dead despite the help of a more web-savvy friend.

So here we are… and I still have Words In My Head, so I thought it would be a good title for a new wave of odds and ends as I purged some of the thoughts from within this bony housing for what serves as a mind.

Among the things you might find here…

  • poetry
  • movie, book, or music reviews
  • editorials
  • recipes
  • whatever comes out of my head

Thanks for joining me on this journey.