Wrapped around the axle

Every now and then I find myself stuck. Mentally. It’s like a process gets loose in my brain and sucks up all the available resources so whatever’s left has to pick up the slack. I know there’s more there. I just don’t have a way to purge that runaway process sucking system resources.

I find myself there today. Spinning without the clutch engaged.

Some of that’s just the madness of this year I suspect. 2020 has been a doozy and it’s not over yet. Each time I think we’re around a corner, something else on the apocalypse bingo card gets marked off…

So what’s a guy to do when such a state is reached? Lately I’ve been:

  • Bingeing on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, DC Universe…
  • Playing and running role-playing games one or more times a week (adding another one back in this week)
  • Playing video games for hours
  • Reading
  • Wanting to nap
  • Writing nonsense

Not necessarily in that order. And it’s not that any of them are particularly bad, but let’s just say that I’m off my game a bit.

Add to that a full time job, some medical stuff, some family stuff, two kids burning the candle at both ends, and a wife who is a force of nature… and I’m tired. Very, very tired.

Right now I’m trying a couple of things to get back on track. Reading for a little while before bed (actual print book) and writing a little bit before bed. It’s not helping with sleep, but hey — who needs sleep.

I will soon be doing something different in regards to working out. For the next several weeks we’ll be doing some one-on-one training a couple of days a week with the goal of getting back on track with a regular routine that helps. Maybe if I can get my body moving in the right direction I can move other things too.

But I am feeling a bit like Bob from What About Bob? with Bill Murray…

One step at a time. Maybe then the spinning will stop.

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